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My name is Dylan Phillips. I’m a lover of nature and the outdoors and I’m always up for an adventure. I’m passionate about gardening and growing my own organic produce and herbs. I love to read and local history is one of my favourite subjects to read about. My “to read” pile is larger than I’d like to admit and I should not be left unattended at a used bookstore. 


I grew up in central Alberta, and moved to Vancouver Island during high school. Not long after graduation, life took me back to Alberta to pursue a career in the construction trades.


Ten years of hard labour and a sore back later, I decided to buckle down and pursue my passion of photography. That passion has been a life long experiment that started to really develop (pun very much intended) after the adoption of a 3 month old staffy named Karma. I knew that having a dog for a best friend doesn’t last forever, and that one day I’d thank myself for having an album of nice photos to look back on. Well, Karma is 8 now and that album is a full blown catalogue of puppy portraits. I love capturing special moments between pets and their people.


Over the years I've tried my best to capture the beauty that surrounds me on the west coast. For a long time that has meant finding scenic landscapes, pristine beaches and historical architecture. I was often too shy to ask people to pose for the camera. I started to work on that and get more comfortable directing people for portraiture. Now people have become one of my favourite subjects to shoot. I have found that no matter how interesting and dynamic a landscape is, It can always be improved with a human element.


A few years ago I was given the opportunity to work for a local magazine. I had to step out of my comfort zone and learn a few hard lessons about the business side of photography. I’m very proud of my work for FOLKLIFE magazine and grateful for the relationships I formed through that experience. It’s a very exciting feeling to be published and to see your work in print internationally. 


I am also an experienced and licensed drone pilot. Some of my favourite work has been captured from the air. I’m really looking forward to utilizing this technology as I branch into videography. If you’ve thought about hiring a drone pilot, I have some examples of my work in my portfolio.


Over the next few years I want to push into filmmaking, travel/adventure photography and videography and truly breaking up with the 9-5 lifestyle. If that is something that resonates with you, feel free to reach out as I’m always looking for exciting new connections and collaborations. Pop over to my portfolio and take a look around or find something for your wall at the Print Shop.


Thanks for checking out my page. I’m looking forward to working with you!        


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